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Kuna Library District Board of Trustees

General meetings of the Kuna Library Board of Trustees are held the third Tuesday of each month from 5-6 pm in the Flo Hawkes Trustee Conference Room.  
General meetings are open to the public.
Please check our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Board Meeting Agendas

September 18, 2018 General Meeting

August 21, 2018 General Meeting

August 21, 2018 Budget Hearing

August 14, 2018 Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Contact a member of the Board of Trustees

Bobbie Sailer
(208) 922-1181

Vice Chairman
Sharon Fisher
(208) 283-0818

Jim Scherer
(208) 362-5607

Marie Leavitt
(435) 418-0875

Barbara Powell
(208) 890-0528