Test Proctoring Services

Kuna Library is now offers free test proctoring services

No need to travel outside of Kuna for testing. Students that are enrolled in online or distance-learning classes can request a proctor to administer exams at Kuna Library.

To schedule your test please do the following

  1. Complete the Proctor Request Form
  2. Email the complete form to reference1@kunalibrary.org  fax it to (208) 922-1026, or return it directly to the library
  3. Once your request is received a library staff member will contact you to confirm your appointment

What to do on your test day

  1. Bring a valid photo identification with you
  2. Do not bring any electronic devices or any devices prohibited by your institution
  3. Bring any other documentation required by your institution

If students need a computer one will be provided. Please discuss this with staff member when confirming your appointment. 


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